Access control system to control entry and exit remotely

Access control provides the highest levels of protection for your company, monitoring and controlling entry and exit to ensure strong security systems for various commercial, medical and hotel businesses as well as residential facilities.

What is access control system – access control

It is a security system for managing institutions and restricting people’s entry to certain places at specific times; To provide protection and reduce security risks

How does the access control system work – Access Control?

It works by connecting VPN networks to devices, surveillance cameras, and alarms. The program can be easily run on a browser or mobile phone anywhere remotely.

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Why do you need access control systems

With the development of modern communication technology, it is easier as you can connect a VPN using the service of the company’s branches through a unified network, and thus make it easier for you to follow your employees from anywhere, share files and control surveillance cameras, and also follow what is happening inside any branch of your company without having to be there.

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Advantages of Access Control System – Access control

  • Control the entry and exit of people and know who is coming and going at all times.
  • Prevent strangers from infiltrating institutions and connecting with alarms.
  • Tracking employees within institutions and counting attendance and absence using fingerprint devices.
  • Securing sensitive documents and data by restricting access to them and using electronic locks.

Teamway services in the field of access control systems solutions

Teamway Networking and Communication Solutions provides integrated services in the field of access control in terms of the latest devices and all supplies and installations for the access control system – access control to tighten control over your organization to protect it with the best security systems. All this at the push of a button from your mobile phone while you are in your place at the lowest costs.