Surveillance cameras and systems and their importance to individuals and institutions

The rapid development made it necessary for us to change in all fields to keep pace with the times.

And now we need to monitor homes and secure facilities with modern surveillance methods such as: network cameras, high-resolution surveillance cameras, GPS car tracking systems, dash cams for cars, and many tools for monitoring and remote control through a browser or mobile phone.

The importance of surveillance systems and cameras

The great and rapid development in the field of information technology makes it imperative for us to keep pace with change in all areas of private, public, social and economic life. As a result of this development, the field of security surveillance (such as internal and external surveillance cameras) has also become smaller, more high-quality, and less expensive, so companies of all sizes can now enjoy high security advantages with the link, and some of the benefits of surveillance systems:

  • Remote monitoring and follow-up through mobile devices or computers.
  • Monitoring the workflow of factories, companies and institutions.
  • Which contributes to increasing the productivity of employees or workers.
  • Discovering and monitoring waste of resources and thefts that may occur due to negligence.
  • Reduce loss and increase revenue while increasing worker productivity.
  • Protecting private and public property from acts of vandalism and terrorism.
  • Monitoring places where it is forbidden to be, such as laboratories and
  • warehouses.
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What does Team Way offer you in the field of surveillance systems and cameras

* Teamway offers you the best monitoring systems solutions to monitor your activity:

1- The latest smart surveillance cameras:
Smart cameras enable you to receive notifications when any strange activity is detected and provide you with two-way voice communication to guide employees within the organization in the event of any suspicious event.
2- The best IP surveillance cameras:
Dedicated to sensitive places because it is more accurate than normal cameras.
Allows two-way audio transmission to direct employees.

* What does Team Way offer you in monitoring system solutions?

Team Way provides you with a unique quality of services with the best equipment and infrastructure installations to create a tight monitoring system that ensures you follow-up on facilities of all kinds anywhere.

With the provision of the latest devices with high accuracy, with professionalism in installation, and continuous follow-up and maintenance around the clock.