Teamway is your most powerful strategic partner. Do not hesitate to contact us when you need maintenance and technical support. You can count on us for periodic maintenance work, as we organize a schedule for the necessary maintenance work periodically according to the nature of your business.

Maintenance services provided by Team Way
Maintaining internet networks and introducing them to devices after installing them.

  • Provide backup copies of programs and files on the network
    Maintaining existing networks by upgrading and modernizing them, and working on maintaining the associated devices.
  • Comprehensive insurance of all information available on the devices and ensuring complete confidentiality.
    Providing professional programs to prevent and protect against viruses and
  • intrusions, and to protect the system from damage and falls
    Distribute the Internet in an appropriate manner that guarantees speed and quality of performance on all devices.

Online technical support packages

The second package
3600 sr
4 monthly interventions, at the rate of one intervention per week, so that the intervention does not exceed an hour. 20% discount on all technical devices that the customer needs on the site
Services: Checking the functioning of the system with excellent efficiency and ensuring that there is no defect in it. Checking the branch linking system with the attendance and departure fingerprint, in addition to solving the problems that the customer faces with the technical devices available to him through an online intervention in the “any desk” program, in which the problem is explained and work to solve it. from our side
Note: In the case of a visit from the technician, 350 riyals will be added for one visit * The visit does not include changing or replacing any devices
Fees: 3600 riyals annually, divided into 12 months, at a value of 300 riyals per month
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